Center for Excellence in Construction Management

CECM - Center for Excellence in Construction Management, will help projects to be managed and deliverable within their limits. The systems and framework will be build, the process will be designed, and the quality criteria will be established to provide management with the right measures. It helps to redefine the culture of the project. Model development in the area of reporting structures, performance systems, communication systems and resources management.


  • Every roof over the heads of a family or business will be provided through value-added construction management education for better service


  • Developing a Construction Management strategy and Philosophy of Safe Living
  • To impart the highest level of Quality Construction Management education leading to nation building
  • To maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness training for Professionals
  • To serve with character and purpose that brings honour to the Profession


  • Webinars and Knowledge Series
  • Visits to Sites and interact
  • Research reports and newsletters


  • Brainstorm ideas that focus on what the future will look like, with experts, Planners, Designers and Policy Implementers
  • Designed Excellence model for better results
  • Identified Training requirements for companies for better skill development