Center for Financial Innovation in Real Estate

CFICM - The financial aspect of the immobilisation market is changing quickly. Many long-standing assumptions have been affected by financial crises in previous years. All decisions now focus on risk, and traditional agreements with established banks will no longer lead to funding. Are you one of the future leaders of the property and dare you change your perspective? If so, the CFICM is for you definitely and will discuss, guide and write a Road map for your Organisation.

The center focuses in the area of Financial tools for CM, acquiring/transferring knowledge and skills in the field of financial calculations, how to drive the development of long-term value and assess short-term uncertainties, and financial planning for better results


  • Manage and create road map during turbulent financial context of the real estate market due to increased digitalization, economic developments and changing customer demands


  • To strengthen your professional and personal growth and enhance your career opportunities
  • Develop independent, modern and critical approach to answering complex questions on financial property
  • Give a quick ROI for your company and can almost immediately apply the knowledge you gain to your practise.
  • Use and moderate Business games and simulations that enable specific experimentation and practise


  • Value creation for Construction Management and Development space
  • Financial Innovation in Construction Management
  • Sustainable entrepreneurship in Construction Management space


  • Work reflected in collaboration with Investor, Assessor, Consultant, Director, Developer, Builder, Broker