Center for Smart City

IREU definition of Smart Cities - "Applying all interconnected information to a better understanding and control of its operations today as well as optimising the use of limited resources".


  • Create the cities and place of living into the best lived place for families, community and Society at large


  • Connect to universities all over the world which work and share experiences in living laboratories
  • The “Live-Living’ lab is a research/students platform for research on projects driven by industry that are relevant and for connecting students directly to the ecosystem
  • Creating a viable ecosystem of innovation and demand in universities and Higher Education Institute and Colleges
  • Support to startups in concept proof, local and global scaling and marketing


  • Top-down or technology-centered approaches are linked to defined offerings for better living
  • Emphasises the use of new technologies (for example, social media, websites, mobile applications or censoring technologies) as a means to enable citizens to devise solutions, acquire new skills through online learning and improve their interaction with public authorities
  • IREU team along with community organisations and social entrepreneurs to find solutions for better living and space for enhancement of live


  • Projects and Report in Smart Cities Initiatives
  • Knowledge Series and Talk on What makes Living better and How do Cities gear up