IREU offers the best in class, education and training related to Construction Management, along with Real Estate Management, Infrastructure Management, Facility Management. These programs are designed to mould the students into successful professionals in the desired industry and manage the sector in future. IREU equips its students with industry related information and global management skills for the growing Education and IT industry. IREU understands the paradigm shift in the quality of professionals required by the industry today, and the need for students to keep abreast with the present market trends and understand all facets of business.

IREU School for Real Estate Management

IREU Real Estate Education and Training (RE) offers real estate industry mapped programs to equip the students and real estate professionals with the skills to make them competitive to face the challenging environment of real estate sector.

IREU Real estate education programs provide real time real estate industry knowledge base, training proficiency and on the job practical exposure to face new challenges and accelerates the career ladder in the real estate world.

With the robust and industry feedback syllabus, the course is driven with latest teaching pedagogy and blended learning model.

IREU School for Construction Management

IREU Construction Management Education and Training (CM) is a professional service that employs specialised techniques in project management to supervise, from the outset to the end, project planning, design and construction. Building management is meant to control the delivery time, costs and quality of a project. IREU has specialised course to address CM requirements.

IREU School for Infrastructure Management

IREU Infrastructure Management Education and Training (IM), focuses in planning, design, delivery and development and management of infrastructure, equipment, utilities and, IT as the basis for economic activity in the management of infrastructure. IREU has specialised course to address IM requirements, and brings the Best practice experience for the students.

IREU School for Facility Management

IREU Facility Management Education and Training (FM), ensure the functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of buildings and facility, and Develop the leadership and management skills. IREU has specialised course to address FM requirements.